Integrated Health Centre
ph: (03) 8560 3800
Studio/Reformer Sessions

Maximum of 4 people per instructor – utilising the latest Pilates equipment; reformers, wunda chairs, ladder barrels, cadillacs etc.

Each person is directed by the instructor in a workout specific to their needs.

This makes it perfect for everyone whether they are undertaking rehab, have a specific injury or aiming to improve their overall fitness.

Foam Roller Classes

Foam rollers are exercise devices used for massage and fitness. They usually are a long and cylindrical shape, however they come in many shapes, sizes and different textures. When used in the right way, they help soothe tight and sore spots, relieve trigger points and help speed up  muscle healing.
Mat Classes

Mat classes are larger than Studio classes (up to about 12) and with each person doing the same exercise as directed by the instructor.